Fixed Ops TV  

Fixed Ops TV 

Fixed Ops TV is a customized television service designed to increase service sales and entertain customers in service department waiting rooms.

Fixed Ops TV provides a balanced mix of Entertainment, Dealership and Manufacturer video content along with independent, powerful, and professionally produced Educational videos on service topics for display in customer waiting areas.

  • Educates and engages customers while they wait for their services to be completed, increasing sales and customer satisfaction!
  • Removes competitor's commercials from playing in your lobby
  • 5+ hours of new programming every month
  • Low heat, low power, solid state media player = zero downtime
  • Small media player is mountable on back of most TVs and displays
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Month-to-month service agreement




Take a closer look at a few videos from our Educational video library...


Following Service Intervals


Power Steering Service


Proper Fluids

The success of a dealership's service department is more than just servicing vehicles; itís about educating customers on the what, why, when and how to boost their return, preserve their asset, and protect themselves and their loved ones. Fixed Ops TV educational content informs consumers on the importance of preventive maintenance, and the general details of repair and replacement services. For vehicle owners, information leads to confidence in making the right decisions and following the recommended schedule.
How it works:


Requirements for use:

  • Display or TV with HDMI connection
  • Internet access (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • Power

That's it!

Fixed Ops TV is a fully managed service which automatically uploads video files on a monthly basis with no action needed from the dealership. Educational video content is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in automotive maintenance trends!
Fixed Ops TV is available to dealers on a month-to month service agreement.  Set-up Fixed Ops TV at your store for just $199/month and a one-time configuration cost of $499.
Call us at 1-800-697-3806 Ext. 3 to get started!

Fixed Ops TV


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